Christmas Gifts with a Twist

December 5, 2011


With Christmas quickly approaching, there are fewer and fewer days to buy presents for those on your list.  But how necessary are many of the gifts we give?  How many will be remembered in a few years or even in one?  Now, I enjoy getting nice gifts for people.  I like to see the faces of my family and friends when they open their packages and see what they got.  But I also know that no matter what I give, it is not something that was a legitimate need or even a want.  There are people out there with real needs and they don’t have the luxury of asking for wants.   Some people, mainly kids, have to ask for clothes, shoes or school items for Christmas because their parents/parent don’t have much money.

So instead of getting gifts for my family and friends this year, I am seriously considering getting things for the ones in need, in their names.  Whether it is through the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree, Operation Christmas Child or some other way, I urge you to also consider doing this.  I think it would not only be a huge blessing to those who receive the gifts, but also to those whose names they were given in.

What are some Christmas ideas you have (the above idea was not mine, I got it from my friend Curt in Colorado) to be a blessing to those who lack?

It doesn’t have to be a present that we give, sometimes our PRESENCE is so much more valuable.

Blessings, and Merry Christmas!


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2 Comments on “Christmas Gifts with a Twist”

  1. Harleyq2 Says:

    Making donations of food and clothing (start drives for the homeless and needy). People can host a family etc whom they know will not be able to afford Christmas dinner. I have stopped giving gifts for a number of years and frankly I don’t expect gifts from anyone. I found that I do not appreciate the gifts because they weren’t things I needed or wanted or sometimes could not use ie. useless to me. In lieu of gifts, I send really thoughtful greeting cards that either already says the things I feel about that person or I draft my own sentiments and send it. That to me is more special than any useless gift that people buy just because it’s a tradition to give a gift.


  2. Just Fair Goods Says:

    Great idea for Christmas. How did it turn out?


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