About Me

Hi there, my name is Mitchell and I am blogging from sunny Cooperstown, North Dakota.    I created this blog as a way to help people be all they can be in Christ.   I want to help them find meaning in their lives and get on the track to freedom and success.   I believe with God, all things are possible.

I hope to blog at least once a week and covering a variety of topics.  The main focus of this site will be on sound Christian living and biblical teachings that strengthen the church.  I will also discuss some politics and current events.

If you have a topic you would like discussed, please let me know.   Blessings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Mitchell Kuklok

3 Comments on “About Me”

  1. Maggie Says:

    Hi, Mitchell! I have given you the Irresistibly Sweet Blog award – see my blog for details: http://maasmith7.wordpress.com/2011/06/02/the-irresistibly-sweet-blog-award/


  2. charlene Says:

    Hi Mitchell I enjoyed your article. I am on a journey of healing. So I started asking questions (googling) and have got alot of answers to my questions. My question was this time what happens when a child is not validated by their father. Yours is one among many that I have read. I guess Im just thinking out loud now how does an adult work through not being validated by their earthly father and stop seeking to be validated by man. I struggle with fear of relationships and I look to leaders to validate me. If they dont I am let down or feel unwanted in that place. I know only God can do this but how do you get validated by God when you dont see Him or he isnt physically there. I know I can read His word and its probably by faith. But I need to see an example. I was wondering if you might have a example of what that might look like.


    • Mitchell Says:

      Hi Charlene, glad to hear you are searching for healing and rest.

      The hard thing with not having a nurturing and loving earthly father is he is the way you see your heavenly one. We see God through the eyes of the father that was not very loving and seemed to not ever be pleased with us. But God is not that way. He is the opposite. He is accepting and loving, always faithful to us, His children.

      The obstacles are in your heart. They are seeds that were planted by people in the past. Hurtful words that were spoken to you that got into your heart and took root. These words played in your mind and you always tried to prove them wrong. But the truth is, you didn’t have to. Because you were never those hurtful things to begin with.

      Those seeds (words) were sowed into your heart over time. They were planted, then watered and then produced a harvest in the form of the burdens you carried. Just like those words took root inside and produced bad fruit. The Word of God will pierce your heart and produce good fruit. You just have to keep reading, listening and speaking the Word of God (truth about you) and eventually you will start to believe it. Right now, Charlene, you are believing the bad seeds. The ones that hurt, that is why it is tough to see the love your Father in heaven has for you. Because you are viewing Him through tainted spiritual eyes.
      Start to read about the love your Daddy in heaven has for you and try and stay out of your head (where all the negative thoughts reside). Even if you don’t necessarily believe what the bible says about you, do it anyway. Say it out loud so your ears can hear it. Pretty soon it will become truth, and you will grow stronger in love. You will feel more accepted. And one day you will have the confidence to walk out of the prison that holds you captive and fully embrace the loving arms if the Father.

      Read the psalms. Read scriptures that speak about the love that God has for His children. Read about His mercy and His grace. Read aloud and keep reading.

      Tell yourself that you are loved, accepted and cherished, wanted by your loving Father. Speak it every morning.

      I recommend getting the bible on CD or at least the Psalms. Also listen to Christian music. it will sow good and uplifting things into your heart.

      If you don’t have a good biblical based church, I recommend finding one.

      There is a video on my page called the Fathers Love Letter. I recommend watching that alone. Give yourself permission to cry and just let the words be true. Even if you don’t feel it right now. The hurt in your heart will begin to be purged out when you start to see yourself the way God sees you.

      He isn’t mad at you. He isn’t upset or disappointed. He loves you and can’t wait to hold you in His arms and restore your heart.

      I will be praying for you. Watch the video and then go to the Fathers love letter home page (google it) and print out the letter for yourself. Read that when you go to bed every night and when you get up. It is His letter to you.

      Blessings to you Charlene. You are precious.



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