Revival Ready

You may have read about the recent revivals happening on college campuses across the country, the most famous being at Asbury. What started out as a few people just repenting and giving testimony quickly turned into something much bigger. Soon a move of God happened, and people began flocking there from all over the country and even the world. It was not planned, there was no coordination between faculty and students, it was just an organic move of the Holy Spirit who wanted to reach a generation who had been hungry for something more. The question is, are we hungry for something more and what are we willing to do to get it? 

Across the globe there are churches and small groups praying and fasting for revival. Some churches may even have teams in place to do just that. People who desire what God desires, for His church to do the works of Jesus, giving up selfish ambition and making sacrifices to get on their knees and intercede for the lost. This is the fuel that starts the fire of revival. When we humble ourselves and learn to serve one another, in any capacity, and seek to meet a need, no matter how small, that is the heart that births revival. Equally important is being ready to manage revival once it comes. Sadly, in many churches, it is usually the same people who do most of the work while others stay on the sidelines. The same people that volunteer and don’t need to be asked to help, they just do it. We need more like this, and those people have to be welcoming and inclusive to the new helpers. It is so important for everyone to be involved, willing to do even the smallest things to help. If you cannot lead worship or do not feel led to teach Sunday school, find a need, and meet it, even if it is just taking out the trash or cleaning. It is the servant attitude that fosters revival (see the early church in the book of Acts), and it is an honor to serve the Lord.

What will revival look like? 

We may have this idea that when revival happens it will mean our friends, family, and all the popular people in our communities suddenly become born again and on fire for Jesus, all having their lives in order, having only spiritual needs that we the church can do our best to meet. That would certainly be easier for the churches, but it would not be a complete representation who God is in us. He also cares about our physical needs (Matt 6: 25-34). 

On the contrary, what if revival looks more like a hodgepodge of troubled and confused people searching for meaning in a world that seems very dark. These people will be young and old and probably not have their life in order. They will not just have spiritual needs, but physical needs as well and it will be our job to help meet those needs. If your church has a tough time finding people to do building improvement projects, attend bible study/prayer groups or help in any way, then how will they be willing to take in a homeless person, counsel a young couple or meet any number of needs that may be required to help new believers? If our hearts are not filled with compassion or we are so busy with the things of the world, we will not have what it takes to be an adequate representation of Jesus to those in need.  

The people God sends us may have drug problems, have no money, talk like a sailor and have green hair. Our Father will want us to be ready for them, He doesn’t want us to harm them in any way. Would you bring your child to a place where the people are judgmental and critical, who smile at you but then gossip behind your back, a place where they say they will pray for you but will not lift a finger to help you?  Of course, you would not. That is why we must have the right heart so that when God introduces His lost sheep to His church, we do not hurt their spirit and turn them away, potentially forever.  

I pray that we all desire revival but more importantly, the heart equipped to foster it. When the church loves and serves one another, always seeking the best for each other, totally united in Christ, then I believe that we will experience what the early church did, “and the Lord added to them daily, those who would be saved,” (Acts 2:44-47, Romans 12). 

Let’s make it our prayer for the Lord to show us how we can serve our local church and then our communities. Your heavenly Father loves you very much and He loves those we sometimes look down upon just as much. God Bless. 

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