Out of the Fire?…NO!!

February 17, 2011

Spiritual growth

Are we seeking to be out of the fire?  We shouldn’t be.  We are there for a reason.

A lot of times, Christians seek to be delivered from struggles when they shouldn’t be.

God has us there for a reason.  He is trying to purify us.  How can we be  “finished” if we desire to leave the oven?

When we face obstacles and persecution it is because God is using it to crucify our flesh.  How many times have you been insulted by a church member or non-believer and felt angry or hurt by it?

God is using this unjust persecution to humble us.  Most of the time it is just our pride that gets hurt when we hear unjust remarks or whatever else we face.

God is trying to humble us so we realize it is not about us but about Him (Christ).  We don’t have to justify ourselves, the truth will do that for us.  If we can get past the point of trying to train the flesh and learn to let it die, we can then live in freedom.

The more of God we have in us the more of us we have to give up.

The truth in us will speak for us (itself).  If we feel we have to explain our faith to someone who is mocking, then we don’t have enough faith in the first place.

If we are always looking for the next “new word” from the prophet or another “confirmation” from a believer then we are walking in fear not faith.

Learn to trust in God and know that no man can stop what he has spoken.  Not even you.  You have to try really hard to miss out on what God has for you if you are living a life that is pleasing to him.

Begin to trust in what you don’t see instead of what you do.

Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes of the truth (Jesus, Bible, etc.).

Is God not the god of your circumstances?

Is he not greater than them?

Begin to find him in the trouble and you will see his magnificence.

He is showing us that we are more than overcomers in the trial but he must first convince us that we are.

We only have to prove our faith to ourselves.

We say we have strong faith but we cry the minute something that opposes it arises.

We say we have strong faith but we cringe the minute a storm comes.

Can that storm take what God has promised?  NO!

Begin to convince yourself of your faith and the world will be convinced as well.

You are your own worst enemy, begin to believe and then you can receive.

Allow yourself to be made more like Jesus and the “you” will not get in the way.

God is making us like himself…because he cannot deny himself.
(2 Timothy 2:3)

He returns all things unto himself.  He has put himself in you so if comes back to him.

The righteousness (Holy Spirit) he gave you always leads you back to him.

Righteousness attracts righteousness (God), just like unrighteousness attracts more sin (satan, hell, temptation).

If you want to live in all the blessings start being more obedient.

Let him crucify you so you can be made whole.

YOU are the only thing in the way of what God has for you.

Allow your heart to be changed by the renewing of your mind.
(Romans 12:2)

You wouldn’t take a turkey out of the oven before it is cooked.

Stay in the oven!

Be blessed!

2 Comments on “Out of the Fire?…NO!!”

  1. AmySioux Says:

    I recently did a Bible study in the book of Daniel and one of the topics was (of course) the fiery furnace. The overarching message of that week was that God WILL deliver us. Either FROM the fire (basically a miracle, rare), BY the fire (He uses the fire to bring us into His arms and eternity) or THROUGH the fire (most common scenario) which is what you describe. More refined = More pure. Now to pray for the patience to endure. 🙂


  2. CCredentials Says:

    Hi Amy, yes, we have to let go of the ideas of how or who we should be and trust in Him to show us. He just chooses the ways we don’t like to do it. Wonder why.

    Thanks for sharing!



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