Unanswered Prayers

March 14, 2011

Prayer, Spiritual growth

Do you have unanswered prayers?   Why have they gone unanswered?   Is it because of God or you?

If we want our prayers to be answered, we must first make sure they line up with God’s plan for our lives. (1 John 5:14)

They will be in line with His Word and with His plan for our future.

If we want prayers to come true we must give them to God and keep them there (James 1:6).  Doubting takes them back.

They are seeds that need to be planted and allowed time to grow.   If we keep the seeds in our hand, they cannot produce a harvest.

They need soil (God’s hand) in which to have a place to sprout.

If you are praying something that is in God’s plan for you, then you need to surrender it and believe God will grant it.

When we pray we have to move to the place of praise in order to receive. (Col 4:2)

We have to move from the place of believing and step into the place of receiving. (Mark 11:24)

God will ask us to surrender our greatest desire to Him because it is the only way to show true faith.

If we trust Him with the most important things, it is because we got to know Him.  We spent quality time with Him.

We know He can be trusted.   It is the only way our faith can reach the point in which the harvest (answered prayer) comes.

Give your prayer to God and leave it there.   Obey Him through the breaking process (process in which a seed dies and produces life) and you will have it.

Faith gives (to God) and leaves it there.   Doubt and fear make us want to hold onto the seed because we don’t believe God is willing to answer.

Give it to Him, get to know Him, and you will find He is willing and able to give all things unto us.

If you expect a harvest you must be willing to allow that seed (prayer) to die in the hand of God.   It is the only way life (the answer) can begin. (John 12:24)

Leave the land of believing and enter the land of receiving.    God needs to prepare you for receiving.

There is a purpose for the trial.   God is working behind the scenes.

He does a work in you, so He can do a work through you, so He can do a work for you.

Allow Him to have you.

Your faith is what makes you whole.   Let Him increase your faith until all you need is His Word in which to trust.    When you don’t need “proof” of the harvest you will enter the place of receiving it.   Faith is not based on what we see but on what we know. (2 Cor 5:7)   And we should know His Word.   It is the preached Word that brings forth faith. (Rom 10:17)

Get to know God so well that all you need is His Word (promises, truths, etc.) and you will have your harvest. (Psalm 37:4)

5 Comments on “Unanswered Prayers”

  1. Maggie Says:

    I like the comic. 🙂


  2. PCC Advantage Says:

    Beautiful post. It is concise without eliminating any of the important points.

    I think that it’s very difficult for many of us to really lay down everything at His feet and truly trust Him with our lives, our hopes, our dreams, etc. We try so hard to answer our own prayers sometimes that we miss out on what a HUGE blessing it is to fully trust Him!

    Once again, beautiful post! 🙂


    • Mitchell Says:

      Hi Christy, yes, we have to realize that Jesus IS the answer to our prayers. He is our contentment and in Him is the fullness of life. (Col 2:9,10)

      Thanks for coming in!


  3. thandi Says:

    i am realy inspired,motivated,as a born again i think most us fail to understand how the holy spirit works on us, god says he knew us even before we were born,and there is nothing imposible befor the eyes of the lord,ours is just to stay firm and plant the seed and allow them to grow under the soil and not in our hand

    once again iam blessed



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