What is God After?

March 9, 2011

Spiritual growth

You or what He placed inside you?

Is He concerned about the bank or the money He has in it?

When God placed Himself in you, did He care who or what you were?

Or is He concerned with who and what He is?

He is trying to make us like Him (in His image) and the only way to do that is to take us out of the picture. He seeks to destroy that which is of the world (flesh) in order to free that which is of Heaven (Spirit). How else can He do it but through trials?

Are we welcoming of His trials or do we get confused and ask why something like this would happen? Do we say things in our hearts like, “why is this happening to me?” or “what did I do to deserve this?” The answer is yes, we do say those things so the question is WHY?

Why do we say those things? Why do we get hurt and feel “unjustly accused” when someone in our church talks behind our back? Why do we cry in our hearts or get angry when nobody is watching when we have a bad day and people hurt us? Why do we suffer so much more when our lives are so much “holier” than the lives of those who are seemingly being blessed?

Could it be because God is trying to show us where we need to die? Could it be that He is exposing our true heart? These feelings have to come from somewhere and since we know they do not come from God, where do they come from? How can we get mad so easily and cry so quickly? Are we thinking of ourselves or is that pride coming from the Spirit?

Don’t we see that He is breaking us in order to get to His deposit?

Why must we constantly make it about us? Why do we CARE so much about what the lady in the second row or what the Elder in the church think about us? Who are we in it for? Are we so busy trying to protect our image that our real one (the one God gave us) cannot break through?

We need to understand that if we do not suffer unjustly, we cannot truly enter the place where God wants us.

It is not about you, but about Him. Can anything good come from the flesh?

Why must it be unjust suffering that brings forth the truth within us (1 Peter 4)?

Do we complain when we do wrong and the Lord chastens us? NO because we know it is fair. So why do we complain when we suffer wrongly? IS IT ABOUT US?

In order for us to become what He planned, we must die to our selfish ways. We must realize that it’s not OUR righteousness that is worth anything, but the righteousness He placed inside us is worth everything (Isaiah 64:6).

Do we not see that He is breaking us so Jesus can live?

Do those fruits come from us or God? Can we pretend to bear them? Do we?

The more we realize that it’s not about us, but what God placed in us (Jesus), the freer we become.

How can we rob Jesus of his sacrifice and wondrous acts by trying to take credit for anything we do?

Is it our good deeds or is it Jesus doing them in us?

So the next time we are in a circumstance where we feel unjustly accused, punished, persecuted, mistreated, mocked, scorned, rebuked, or any other thing, remember what it’s all about. Christ.

The only way to get the trials to stop is to remain silent and humble in them. Then you will realize that it’s not your humility or silence reacting but the humility of Jesus within you.


Read Isaiah 53!

Look at verse 7.

Edited by Maggie Smith.

One Comment on “What is God After?”

  1. PCC Advantage Says:

    Lovely post. Well done! 🙂


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