Like the Father

As Christians we should desire to be more like our Father God.  We go to church, read His Word and pray every day.  We also try to “like” the things He likes.  He likes love, mercy and forgiveness as well as joy, patience and kindness and many other things.  But what about the things He hates?  Why do we conveniently forget about the things that are not pleasing to our Father?  Does God not “hate” anything?

I can tell you with certainty that God HATES sin.  He hates it no matter who does it, even if it is His child.  He hates it when we lose control and get angry.  He hates it when we tell lies.  He hates it when we put ourselves before Him and others.

The Lord hates it anytime we do something that glorifies spiritual death over spiritual life.  You might say that every time we do something evil we bring glory to the devil.  God hates that.  Now, before I sound too strong or even a bit condemning, let me tell you that God forgives.  He is merciful and loving and always forgives when we ask for it.  But He doesn’t want us to sin. In fact, He wants us to HATE sin, just as He does.

He loves us with an everlasting love and He is displeased when we show the fruits of sin.  He is not an angry God desiring to punish us for our insubordination.  But He doesn’t like it when His child, whom He loves, has chosen something bad over what He is offering.  He wants the best for us and when we choose sin, it hurts us and Him, too.

From now on, let’s take a look at not only the things He likes, but the things He hates, and try not to do them.

He loves it when we are like Him and He would never yell, injure, cheat, manipulate, gossip or have selfish thoughts.  I want to hate those things, too.

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