Going Up.

When we think about our walk with Jesus, we could think of it as an elevator ride in a massive skyscraper.   We begin on the first floor when we become born-again.   The lobby is beautiful and inviting.   There is free coffee and snacks, as well as other things to help ourselves to.  It is a pleasant experience.

But then God puts us in the elevator and starts to take us up.

We begin to get confused and maybe a little afraid.   We can no longer see the blessings of the main floor.   We are stuck in this box, not sure what is happening.   Then the doors open and we can see the 2nd floor.   This too has some nice things in it.   We walk in and look around, picking up some spiritual knowledge about our Lord.   We talk to people and look out the window and notice the view is a little better on the 2nd floor.

Then we are put back in the elevator again (unknowingly) and we get scared and confused, not knowing what is going on.   We are thinking of the things on the 2nd floor and trying to get back to them.   THEN the door opens again and we are on the 3rd floor.   We poke our heads out and see what is going on and take a step out of the box.   We pick up some more knowledge and understanding and meet a few more people.  We look around and then walk on over to the window where we have even a better view than before.   It is great!  THEN we find ourselves back in that box again and we can’t help but wish we were back on the 3rd floor where everything was good.    Fear and confusion kick in and we are left with just ourselves and the box.

Again, the door opens and we step out to see some new faces and a better picture of our Lord Jesus.   We pick up much knowledge and perhaps a gift (Spiritual) or two.  We are excited.   And wouldn’t you know it… we are back in the box again.

We start wishing we were back on the 4th floor where everything was great and the view was much better than the 3rd. We get discouraged and think that God is mad at us.  We lose heart and cry out to God for a reason why this is happening.   We LONG for the 4th floor!

Then the door opens up again and we can see the new things that the 4th floor did not offer.   New revelations, knowledge, a fresh anointing and some better friends.   The view is amazing!!  It’s much better on the 5th floor and you feel much more secure.

And like clockwork, you are back in the elevator where you can see nothing.   You miss the 5th floor, and you desperately want to go back, but you cannot open the door.  You are scared and alone and nobody can help you.   Then the door opens and you see a much better place.   You pick up even more knowledge and your view is even better.   You are rising in stature.   You are getting closer to the top.


The point of this story is that God is trying to keep us in the elevator and not let us get caught up in the present.   He has many things to show us and give us but we have to be willing to leave the 5th floor in order to get to them.

The elevator is no fun because there is a view, no benefits and you are all alone.

We become comfortable on the 5th floor and desire to stay.   But God says no.   He puts us back in that elevator to show us how much greater the 6th floor is.

We begin to see that we must not get stuck in the present because when the future comes, we will dwell on the past.   He is taking us to our future and we must let go of what/who we were in the past.

We were important on the 6th floor, we had some authority and people looked up to us.   We don’t want to let that go. But we must.

God wants us to stay in that box (elevator) so he can show us how awesome and special He is.   He wants to show us that it is not the floors that are the greatest thing, but the elevator.    That elevator where we were so alone was making us who we are in Him.

As we traveled up through the many floors of our life, we began to see that we were not alone in that elevator.   We were with Jesus.  We did not have to get out on the floors because the greatest blessing of God is communion with His Son.

We begin to understand the will of our Father: how He wants us to focus only on Him and not His blessings.   It is the only way to really be free in Him.   Unless we are willing to forsake all, we can never really have the intimate relationship He desires with us.

He is trying to bring us to the top of the building so we can see the world how He does.   Things do not seem so bad when you have a perspective like His.

On the top floor you are totally safe, the benefits are out of this world, and you have all kinds of authority and spiritual knowledge.   You perform many works for God.  You are a great person of the Lord.

Everyone wants to hear you preach, read your book and join your ministry.

THEN… haha, the Lord asks you to get in that elevator and sacrifice it all.   He has a plan for your life and it does not include your flesh, and as great as you are on the top floor, there is still a better place, where sin can no longer touch you and you are free in the Spirit.   This place requires death to self.

It happens when the elevator takes you through the roof of the building and sets you firm upon the Rock.   Then there is no more you, just Jesus, and you let Him live through you.

Your will is no longer there, just His.   And you are free.  You are living heaven on earth like He wanted all this time.

It is GREAT!!!

We have to be willing to let go in order to embrace.   BUT the only thing God wants us to embrace is Him.   We must realize that all things are in Him, and I mean ALL.   We will set our faces like flint and seek Him and only Him.   It is the only way to be free in His Word and will.

The skyscraper represents the flesh, the elevator is the Holy Spirit, and the Lord makes it all happen.   It is His grace alone that causes us to be in complete union with him.

And it is GREAT!!

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2 Comments on “Going Up.”

  1. Rebekah Grace Says:

    Hi Marshall! I appreciate this post today!

    I do believe I’ve moved into the elevator, got it all decorated too. Just like a woman would do! Ha!

    There are times He skips floors, keeping me in the elevator and I don’t know why.

    Thanks for this writing!


  2. Mitchell Says:

    Hello Rebekah, thanks for coming in.

    Yes, we just have to trust God and not focus on our calls, our gifts and our blessings. Just Him.



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