Hollywood the harlot.

July 14, 2011


Hollywood has made itself known in political discourse for decades now.  Pointing the finger at their opposition and telling the rest of America how we should live.  They tell us how we need to walk, how we need to talk, what we should eat, drink,  think and how we should vote.   They presume that their way is the right way.  The assume that if  we were more like them the world would be a better place.

With that being said, does Hollywood have an obligation to society, to sow healthy seeds into our garden?  Do sex, drugs, eating disorders, vanity, violence, and who knows what else, help better our world?   I assume they have considered the fact that their movies, tv shows and magazines have a huge impact on people (especially young ones) so what do they have to say about the fruits of  their labor?  Looking at our country we see drug deaths, suicide, teen pregnancies,  S.T.D.’s, high crime rates, theft, greed and envy.   Is it fair to lay some of the blame at the door of the producer in Hollywood and the actor in Malibu?  I realize that Hollywood does not make anybody rob a bank, cheat on their spouse or use drugs but would the world be a better place if television did not make it so appealing?

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2 Comments on “Hollywood the harlot.”

  1. Maggie Says:

    I see Hollywood as a type of fantasy world with no relation to what really goes on in the rest of the United States. I don’t think people in Hollywood are specifically out to corrupt us, but they can be irresponsible and arrogant based on what kinds of movies, music, etc. that they produce.

    What people like about Hollywood is the fact that it is a corrupt fantasy world and an escape from reality. People outside of Hollywood should be more diligent about letting Hollywood “values” affect their children and their own lives. I don’t think Hollywood should be blamed; the general public should just be more discerning in what they watch, listen to, etc.


  2. Mitchell Says:

    Hi Maggie, thanks for dropping in!

    Yeah, I guess I was a little harsh but the main focus was that they profess things that their actions don’t line up with.

    They are in their own little world and I don’t think they care as much as they profess. I would just like them to take some of the responsibility and not expect the middle class to do the heavy lifting.


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