You Are Not on Trial

You are not on trial, your faith is. If you are born of the Spirit and are following Jesus, then consider it joy when you enter trials because God is refining you. He puts Himself into us and then brings us through the fire so He can burn away anything that is not of Him. He is the only thing that can stand the test of fire. He is burning you until the only thing He sees is Himself in you.

His word is true before you get to the fire and it’s true during and after. He is showing you that it’s true no matter what the circumstances tell you.

Don’t make it about you, that is just pride, focus on Him and He will bring you through. Focus on the promise-maker, not the promises.

He loves you and will not harm you. His word is true and He is trying to show it to you.

Where He wants to take you pride, envy, anger, lust, depression, etc. cannot enter.  Allow Him to crucify you and you will enter the place of righteousness.

He is drawing you close, but He must take you through hell in order to bring you to heaven (on earth).

He has a plan for you and does not slack off in his promises. He needs to do a work in you, so He can do it through you, so He can do it for you.

Learn to trust Him with your ministry, family, job, money and even your life.

His whole purpose is to show you who He is because when you know who He really is, you will believe what He says.

Don’t try to make His word be true. Just believe that it is and you will experience it.

Focus on Jesus and Him only.


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2 Comments on “You Are Not on Trial”

  1. Denise Says:

    Awesome! I have been through the refining process over last couple years….quite intensely past 8 months….the basketball equivalent of a full court press. I feel like I am coming out of a battle zone and I’m really starting to get it.
    Thanks for this.



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