Human, Not Hero

August 13, 2011


When we think of a hero we typically think of a person who is brave—someone who goes out of their way to help another.  For instance, someone who rescues another from a car that just rolled over.  Or someone who jumps in a lake to save another from drowning.  The term “hero” also gets assigned to people who do less courageous things like dialing 911 for their neighbor who just collapsed or because a building across the street is on fire.

Everybody loves a hero story, but I think the term is overused and, quite frankly, should not even need to exist.  The reason I say this is because our society has become so self- involved that we barely lift a finger for another and when someone goes out of their way we say they are heroes.  But shouldn’t we be more upset with the people who do nothing, instead of rewarding someone, who in my opinion, just did what they should have done?  I mean, if saw an accident on the highway, I would call 911 and then go help.  If I saw a fire in an alley, I would try to put it out and get help.  If I saw a fight or someone robbing another, I would try to stop it.  I am not a hero. I am a human.  As a human I think it is only right to help humanity.

Being a Christian has taught me much about what I am talking about here.  As a Christian, I am told to be humble and to walk in the path of good works that my Father prepared for me to walk in.  If I see trash, I should pick it up.  If I see someone in need, I should give them something.  If I happen to save a life or help save a soul (by witnessing the Gospel), I am not a hero.  I am simply a servant—a servant of God.  I should not get a reward or be asked to appear on television shows and tell my “heroic” tale.  Instead, there should be a guilty feeling from the people who daily see injustice, need, and opportunity, yet stand by and do nothing.

I see this all the time in the Body of Christ.  I see my brothers and sisters willingly and dutifully helping strangers with sometimes quite laborious chores. Not only do these brothers and sisters expect nothing in return, but they do it joyfully.   Shoveling snow or changing a tire or even helping roof a house is nothing to a child of God.  We are givers.  So giving us the title of “hero” is like rewarding a dog for shedding its fur.  We are SUPPOSED to help one another.

I just wish that people were more like Jesus—not always thinking of themselves and always willing to help, even if it may be dangerous.  God has our back and will not allow us to be hurt if we are doing His will.

So let’s not strive to be heroes, but humans, happy to help one another.

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5 Comments on “Human, Not Hero”

  1. Victoria Says:

    Wow, I certainly agree with this. I find people thinking about themselves before others, selfish.


  2. PCC Advantage Says:

    I completely agree with you, Mitchell. It seems as though there are so many Christians (including myself, at times) that will not take the extra step to help out their fellow man because we’re too busy, tired, we think it’s not our business, etc. The problem is that when we make those excuses, we are not showing the love of Christ. As Jesus said, how can we speak positive words to someone and tell them to be blessed, but not help them or love them in a practical way? That’s preposterous.

    This is a very inspiring article indeed… 🙂


    • Mitchell Says:

      Hello Christy, yeah people are way to caught up in themselves. As Christians, we are to lay down our lives knowing full well that the Lord will take care of us. He has our lives all planned out. When we enter the place where we truly believe that, then we can be better servants to others. After all, they might not have that luxury.

      Hope you are well up there.


  3. jaynheidi6 Says:

    This is so true. Where has our society gone when we as children of God won’t step up to the plate and just plain do what is right?


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