9/11-A Healthy Reflection

September 12, 2011


Ten years ago today the country seemed united because of fear, grief and anger.  When the buildings fell, America started waving the flag and going back to church.   But only a short time later, America had forgotten God and its new-found patriotism and everyone went back to not caring about each other.

I hope the anniversary of the attacks is not a reminder of anger and grief, but a reminder of just how quickly things can change.  In an instant, those things in which we trust (job, money, possessions, status, people, etc.) can be taken like that.  I hope that instead of pretending to care about each other because we are afraid, we can one day care each other because of love.  Love does not use racist language, put down a person because of ideology, or rejoice when they fall.  But rather, love sees the good in others, builds them up when they fall, and suffers when others grieve.

We can all say “God bless you,” put the flag out on the lawn and act patriotic for 24 hours, but I wish that instead of pretending to care and acting patriotic, we start to really love one another.  Instead of  tragedy bringing us together I hope we can come together because of  triumph.  Triumph over selfishness.  Triumph over pride and greed.  Triumph over the things that make us self-serving and apathetic.  I hope that one day true love will give us the victory over ourselves so  we can really become united.  Not in fear but in faith.

If once again, America is united because of an enemy, let’s hope it’s the enemy of self.

God Bless!


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