January 1, 2012

Bible topics, Economy-Financial

I pray that in 2012 the church begins to look and hope for a spiritual harvest instead of a financial or other one.   We hear it every New Years sermon how the coming year is gonna be a year of “harvest.”  Maybe it will be, but I think that too many minds think of finances when they think of harvest.  And right away their minds start thinking of the things they are going to buy with their crop.

I pray that this year will be a year of spiritual harvest for those who have planted seed in the form of sacrifice and dying to self and endless prayers with fasting, in hopes the Risen Lord brings revival to their community.  I pray that those who seek not, new houses and cars but pray for more bibles in their church and people to read them.  People to get healed of their ailments and to have peace in their hearts.  I pray that the people who lament for their neighborhood to be saved.  People who will not rest until they offer a sacrifice great enough for God to rend the heavens and touch the people.  I pray that the people who have sown seeds of the spirit will reap a harvest to help them be free of the flawed flesh.  So that their freedom will help those in chains.

Many blessings to you this new year.  I pray that our  harvest this year is one that brings us closer to the Lord and not this earth.  I pray that this year is the year of our breakthrough.  Because last year we sowed seeds of sacrifice and praise for who He is.  Praise be the Lord!

Happy 2012!


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2 Comments on “Harvest”

  1. Maggie Says:

    Excellent post. Best wishes for the new year! God bless!


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