God and Politics.

March 3, 2011


As Christians in America, what is our responsibility to the political system and government, if any? Are we a Christian nation and should we be fighting to make it so? Should we picket the Supreme Court, rally at the Capitol, or march in Washington? What role should we have in shaping the political landscape? Does the Lord want us to contribute to campaigns that support our values? Volunteer to help candidates who share our beliefs? How much of a commitment should we offer to the political scene, if any?

My view is that Christians should avoid politics. Anything further than voting is a distraction. Let me explain. The Great Commission was not setting up a Christian government in which Christ would one day rule. It wasn’t to create a government that operated as an extension of heaven. Christ is not trying to make a nation that holds firm to biblical teachings. That was not His mission when he was here and it isn’t his mission now. He never messed with Rome. He had a mission to the people and not the government.

I understand that this might be a touchy subject, but if we look at it rationally, prayerfully, and scripturally, we might have a different opinion.

First, significant engagement in politics only distracts us from our true mission. We are supposed to be out in the field and winning souls for the Kingdom, healing the sick, comforting the hurt, feeding the hungry, and other important missions. We are supposed to teach people the Word of the Lord and provide a strong foundation of faith in a fallen world. So if that is our mission, where does changing the law come in? Will making abortion legal change the view of society? Will banning gay rights, getting prayer back in government, or allowing Creation Science in the classroom save the world from sin? Will it heal the land and restore order to our society?

If you look at our style of government, you will see that it is a Republic, which means that we have leaders who come from among us to write, enforce, and instill laws that reflect on us. In other words, the laws we make are a reflection of the society. They are reactionary.   The laws aren’t written (usually) until there is a need to write them. There was no “Jessica’s Law” before there was a Jessica, no “Brady Bill” before Brady, and so on and so forth.

So if we the people—we the Christians—want to change politics, we have to change the people. We have to preach our way into the hearts of men and let them make their own decisions about law. If we minister the love of God to the world, then the love will open their eyes to the truth. That truth will not only set them free, but change their political views as well.

The best way to change government is to change its governed.

I am a born-again, non-denominational Christian, and I believe that on this earth, we have no permanent dwelling but we seek the one to come (Heb 13:14).

What did Jesus say about rendering unto Caesar? (Mark 12:17)  The worldly governments are the will of the Antichrist to arise to power. He will enforce his way on the world and not one Christian will be able to prevent it. It is written (done, complete).

All of the calamity, “immorality,” and chaos were foretold by the Lord and His prophets. Why are we so surprised and so misguided to think we can prevent it? (Matt 24, Luke 21, 2 Tim 3)

If the world gets worse and worse, be of good cheer. We (Christians) have overcome the world. (John 16:33)

*PLEASE NOTE*  I am not suggesting that anyone’s current involvement in government is bad or sinful. I am just saying that I think it is a distraction.

Edited by Maggie Smith.

10 Comments on “God and Politics.”

  1. jred21 Says:

    “Christ is not trying to make a nation that holds firm to biblical teachings.”

    I’m really confused by this statement? If you believe this is true, then please explain the significance of the nation of Israel? and the 10 commandments? and exodus 18:21 which commands us to elect god-fearing leaders?


    • Mitchell Says:

      Hello Jared,

      Jesus was not here to erect an earthly government, that is what the pharisees wanted. Because they wanted power IN that administration. Jesus gov was a spiritual one. It is in the hearts of the believers.

      Jesus is preparing a spotless bride for a wedding. He is not trying to make a permanent Christian nation. The bible says we do not have a permanent city here, but we seek the one to come (Heb 13:14). Because He wants the believers to act Godly in the nation in which they reside does not translate to Him wanting us to try and get Christians running the government.

      The world governments are used by God to discipline the people and are the place where satan comes to power. It is the exact opposite of Christs way of doing things. Christ allows free will. Satan’s government will be by force. Just like in Babylon and other nations.

      Thanks for commenting.



      • jred21 Says:

        I totally agree, Jesus’s government is in the hearts of believers. However I disagree that we should not take part in government or politics as my post on my site outlined. Our Founding Father’s were devout Christians and set up the nation accordingly. America was a safe haven from religious persecution in Europe and all other parts of the world. The Founders themselves consider it a miracle that this nation survived, I mean our ragtag bleeding out soldiers defeated the world’s #1 military power at the time! That’s like Austria defeating the United States today! Ridiculous and considered by many to be impossible. I believe God has a purpose for America, and as a Christian I believe it is my duty to be a part of it, not *force it. But rather do that which is commanded by the constitution, declaration of independence, and the Bible. If you believe that Christian’s have no place in government and should not even participate you have forgotten your history. If Martin Luther did not stand up to the corruption in the Vatican who was paired with the government, then we wouldn’t even be able to read the Bible for ourselves today. Additionally if god-fearing people do not participate in government then by definition our nation will become secular and corrupt. Hiding in the corner of the church does not save the souls of the public, in fact numerous court cases have come up preventing you from doing anything religious outside of your and my little corner–I will fight for my beliefs because I know what is right.

        Here is a quick history lesson

        John Adams reminded citizens: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other”

        The Founders set up a republican form of government, not a democracy! It is often hard to tell the difference between the two, but there is a BIG difference.

        But in terms of the difference I outline it below

        We “pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and too the Republic for which it stands, one nation under god” (Pledge of Allegiance). We do not pledge allegiance to the Democracy of America, We pledge allegiance specifically to the Republic. Well what is a Republic? Noah Webster said that “Our citizens should early understand that the genuine source of correct republican principles is the Bible, particularly the New Testament, or the Christian Religion (AHS). Noah Webster is considered the father of American Education, and have you ever heard of something called the Webster dictionary? He wrote many of this nation’s first textbooks and taught students that our form of government could not survive unless we kept Godly, God fearing people of faith in office (AHS). Some of you may be asking, but doesn’t our government depend upon the people, rather than their representatives? After all in a democracy aren’t the people the most important aspect? This is the problem today–we think we are a democracy. We are not. In a democracy whatever the people desire becomes policy. If the majority of people agree Murder should not be a crime. Murder is not a crime. But in a Republic, a vote on murder would not be acceptable, because it goes against the righteous teachings on which this nation was founded, and we get those teachings from the bible. The 10 Commandments “thou shalt not murder.” This morality is the foundation of our government and the foundation for the people. Without morality or righteousness our system doesn’t work.

        ***So while I totally understand Jesus’s #1 goal when he came down to earth was not to establish government it was to win the hearts of the people, it doesn’t mean we should not be informed voters, and vote for god-fearing men to be in office. The institution of government is not inherently bad, it has no value to start with. Instead like a car it is dependent on the beliefs of those “behind the wheel.” Put a bad driver in a car, and you now have a weapon. Put a good driver behind the wheel, and you have a tool that can be used for good and can spread god’s message far and wide, and more importantly protect it from being tarnished and abused.

        Because not even 50% of Christian voters turn out, we have “secular” people in office. We aren’t even participating in the country as citizens, not to mention bickering about stuff like this on the side as though we have no active role on earth and should just sit in our little corner and pray other’s come join us…

        Here are some examples of the “non-Christian” agenda that is being forced on our society. Here is another excerpt from a speech I wrote

        But a compass is not the only important part of a ship at sail, what about the rudder or the sails. In his farewell address George Washington said “of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are inseparable supports. In vain would that Man claim the tribute of patriotism who should labor to subvert these great pillars” (GW Farewell Address). So if faith and morality are the keys do we still hold those truths to be self evident? We have looked at our history, but now let’s take a look at faith. David Barton an expert historian on the founders has said. “The prosperity, stability, liberty we [had], came from the institutions and policies that were produced by the seeds of a set of ideas we started with, which was God at the center of what we did.” (AHS). If religion was ever-present in our history and God was at the center of it do we still believe in that? Or have we forgotten our history, and forsaken our faith. The Americans of Today are a lot different from the Americans of the past because we have removed faith from our environment, and this has only happened recently. In the 1962 case of Engel v. Vitale school prayer was ruled unconstitutional. In 1963 in the cases of Abington v. Schempp and Murray v. Curlett the supreme court struck down the use of the Bible in Schools. Despite hundreds of years of prayer and the use of the Bible in American schools, the court ruled these things be excluded from schools, without citing a single founding father or previous court case decision. It would seem even our Supreme Court has forsaken it’s history and now forsaken it’s faith. Government decisions like these have caused our schools to become secularized. The students of those schools secularized. And the culture secularized. But is that really who Americans are? Is that who the founding father’s hoped the people of this nation would be? Who are we? Despite this turn from faith in the public sector, a poll from US Religious Landscape Survey shows that 80% of this nation still holds christian values and principles. It time we check to see if the rudder is still working, because right now we are blowing off course.

        Once again, I am on your side and know that simply putting down a law will not make a change in this country, it might help, but at the end of the day the hearts of people must be changed…
        The problem is, right now it is illegal to talk, display, or present our beliefs in the schools, public sector, and even our courts. Did you hear about that Jessica girl that sued her school for a prayer mural on the wall? The school had to take it down and was backed up by the courts… We have let down on the job and the nation has become this way, not the other way around–that the nation has always been this way and we are “forcing” our beliefs on people. If the above examples aren’t proof then I don’t know what force truly is, because I don’t see any christians going around with guns, bombs, and knives like the protests in the Middle East

      • jred21 Says:

        As it stands Israel nor America were “earthly” or “secular” governments. They were made to be governments for God. How many other constitutions in this world acknowledge that our inalienable rights come from our Creator?

  2. Mitchell Says:

    Jared, God does have a plan for America, you are right. But He has a plan for ALL countries.

    Just because our founding fathers were Christians (that is arguable) does not mean we should bow down to the constitution. There will be no constitution in Heaven.

    Your argument that because there is no longer prayer in schools, etc that we need to start engaging more into politics is a mislead one but with good intention. The bible says that the end times would be just as they are today. The Lord and the prophets foretold of the things we are now living in. There would be a great falling away and the people would be lovers of the flesh. The reason our government is how it is today is because the lack of the gospel being preached and true believers being an effective light.

    Trying to make our government into one that is a reflection of Christian principles is a waste of time. Change the people first. Then the government will change. Those people have to get elected and if all the voters are Christian……..

    The antichrist will come to power in a government. There WILL be a new world order and there is NOTHING anyone can do to prevent it. We have to be the salt and light and reach the lost. It is not our job to try and build a Christian government.

    Thanks for commenting.


    • jred21 Says:

      I am in full agreement about the NWO and the end times — as in the days of Noah so too will it be in the end that we are quickly approaching too. While the religious beliefs of the Founding Fathers is arguable (simply because people do), if you are a student of history–primary documents not second, third, and fourth hand textbooks and the constant rewriting of history–it is obvious that the Founding Father’s were

      Let’s begin by looking at our history and where it all began. On July 4, 1776 America’s founding father’s took it upon themselves and the nation to declare independence. We hear the term Founding Father’s in our history books, but do we truly know who our Founding Father’s were or what was their purpose was in creating this nation. Today we have been taught about only a few of our Founding Father’s. Did you know that we had over 250 Founding Fathers (AHS)? Do American’s still know their history? The media and average history book claim that our Founding Father’s were atheists, deists, and agnostics. But is that true? Let’s take a look at Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, who were considered the two “least” religious, often irreligious, Founding Father’s. Both men were very intelligent and grew up in the period of the Enlightenment. But what did they have to say about religion? As the governor of Massachusetts, Franklin recommended that Christianity be taught in all public schools (AHS). He also worked to increase church attendance in his state and even called for daily prayer at the Constitutional Conventions (AHS). That doesn’t sound like an atheist to me! And Thomas Jefferson…well he, was the one who recommended that we include the word “God” in our national motto– “In God We Trust.” He also funded missionary trips to educate and civilize the Native Americans (WND). Now, if these men were the least religious Founding Father’s, imagine what the other one’s were like. 29 of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence had Seminary Degrees (AHS)! Why don’t we learn about this in our school’s today? Were their beliefs so radical that they had to be ripped out of the history books? Why was faith important in the lives of these founding father’s? Were they just a bunch of crazy Christians going around trying to force their religion on people? Quite frankly no. John Adams said that if a nation were to be guided by religious principles, then that nation would become a Utopia (About.com). Essentially John Adams is saying that if a nation were to be guided by religious principles then that nation would become a Utopia. The Founders realized something. They realized that civilizations based on religious, God-fearing principles prospered whereas civilizations that did not, collapsed. Faith was a guide that held people accountable for their actions and pointed them in the right direction. For example during the founders time, France went through three revolutions and three constitutions in less than 10 years. All the while we had one revolution and one constitution. Can you guess what France was missing each time? They were missing the enduring wisdom of biblical principles. As Daniel Webster, another prominent Founding Father said, “The spectacle of a nation, France, powerful and enlightened but without Christian faith, has been presented…as a warning beacon for the nations” (AHS). You see our history was not absent of Faith, Faith was present throughout it. History can be likened to a compass on a sail-ship that points people in the right direction. Today American’s have forsaken their history. We are on a ship with no compass, and as a result, our nation is being blown off course.

      However I’m confused by this
      “Trying to make our government into one that is a reflection of Christian principles is a waste of time. Change the people first. Then the government will change. Those people have to get elected and if all the voters are Christian……..”

      Why is it a waste of time? What is the quickest way to get into every single home of the United States, what is the quickest way to spread an uplifting message, what is the quickest way to begin a “third” great awakening. I would argue that running for president or being in the media business and going on TV, Youtube, the Internet, as a public and political/governmental star is the quickest, not easiest, way to share a message. We are on the same page when it comes to “changing the people first,” but how do you do that without some kind of support. Have you ever been to Passion? I was at Passion 2012 in January and there were over 40,000 college kids packed into the Georgia Dome all worshipping Jesus as hard as their hearts could… CNN gave it a 30sec story mainly because most of the students were staying in the CNN headquarters hotel, but otherwise you probably didn’t hear a peep. What if there was a president of the United States, that the people elected, that supported this stuff? Wouldn’t that help the people change?

      I agree that the Anti-Christ will come to power in government, but their is only 1 true anti-christ and he is only going to rise to power in 1 government, he will not be the head of every government leading up to the NWO. He most likely is going to arise out of the Islam Caliphate, which WILL be sparked by Turkey’s rebellion. I’m totally aware and agree with most of what you’re saying, but I don’t get why participating in gov’t is a waste of time? Does the government not influence the people?


      • Mitchell Says:

        Jared, I am not concerned with what George Washington did or how our country was formed. None of it dictates what the mission of the believer is.

        Jared, only God can lead someone to Jesus. He does not need celebrity, government, or any other tool to change a heart. The Word is out accomplishing what it was designed to do. We only need live the word, and hearts will change.

        If you are right and government is important in all this, why didn’t Jesus just take over Rome? Why didn’t He become King like the pharisees wanted? Why did Moses leave Egypt? God does not need secular tools. He uses them, sure. But He does not need them, and neither do we.

        We do not need a platform to preach the gospel. All we need is a willingness to surrender to the call. God is not desperate for help. He is God.

        There is more power in one believer fasting and breaking for their community than 50 people on tv giving glory to Jesus.

        God asks for sacrifice. If we want revival it will take prayer and lots of it. It takes someone willing to deny themselves in order that the people do not perish. Read the first couple chapters of Acts. It says that the people got together and shared their possessions and took care of one another. All in one accord, praising and serving the Lord and God added to their number, those who should be saved.

        When we start walking in the Spirit and denying the flesh, God will show Himself mighty in our lives and that light will be a witness to all men.

        If you want your light to shine, it takes more flame, not more Christian laws.

        Moses had lots of power, but God took him out of Egypt to give him the real power.

        Revival comes from brokenness. When God’s people rend the heavens in lamentation because of the lost, THEN God will poor out His Spirit.


    • jred21 Says:

      When you say nothing can prevent the anti-christ, I want to know what you are truly saying beyond what it literally says, and I am agreement with. Do you think Christians should not be actively trying to do what’s right or change corrupt institutions like the government? Do you not believe we can speed up or slow down the coming of the end?


      • Mitchell Says:

        I am saying that if all the Christians started praying that the antichrist would not come, it would not help. He would still come. It is written.

        Jared, imagine this. A guy wants to have a steakhouse in a city of vegetarians. Will his business succeed? No.

        Now imagine a law trying to pass that says people cannot wear jeans ever again. Not gonna happen right? Why not? Because people like jeans and would not support such silliness.

        Now imagine if we went out and preached the gospel and healed the sick and did miracles. So much that everyone became born-again. Do you think an atheist who wants to destroy the Christian heritage will ever get elected?

        Like I said, if you want to change the government you have to first change its governed.



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